13. Purchase of spare parts

Engine oil
Plastic lubricants
Cooling liquids
Brake fluid
Fuel filter of thin cleaning
Air filter
Oil filter of the lubrication system of the engine
Spark plugs

Independent purchase of spare parts – very serious action demanding preliminary preparation. For a start it is necessary to be defined that it is more favorable – to buy new knot, the unit or to repair old.
Try to collect all possible information on alleged purchase. In it you will be helped by advice of more skilled motorists, especially those who serve the car independently (however be careful of too self-assured "masters" who can give categorical advice at the slightest pretext). Address the car service specialist, especially if he also repairs your car. It is possible to read serious automobile magazines: publish special tests of knots and units in them.

Good advice
Going to shop for acquisition of the spare part, learn a VIN code of the car by which the seller will look for it.

At initial assessment of quality of estimated spare parts it is necessary to consider the producer of knot or the unit, and also their originality. The original spare parts recommended by manufacturer of the car and extended through dealer network, as a rule, are accurately packed, have the certificate of quality, system of protection against fakes, a warranty period and a logo of the producer of the car. Similar spare parts are more expensive, but the attempt to save can turn back expensive repair.
Stereotyped spare parts are issued firms which specialize in some one certain group (for example, automobile glasses, electric equipment elements, brake shoes). They are significantly cheaper original, but application in the car can lead them to refusal in guarantee maintenance if there is no official approval on their use in the car of manufacturer.

The acquired spare parts for the car conditionally are divided into two categories:
– the spare parts depending on a car run: brake shoes, tires, driving belts, fuel, air and oil filters, spark plugs;
– spare parts which condition depends on car service conditions: brake mechanisms, optics, details of the engine, transmission, hinges of a suspension bracket, detail of steering and system of production of the fulfilled engine gases.