3.6.2. Breakthroughs at dispersal

Can be the cause of breakthroughs at dispersal, as well as in the previous case, the insufficient pressure of fuel in a fuel stage. An electronic control unit the engine, having received from the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve a signal of intensive opening of the gate on a big corner, seeks to increase as much as possible fuel supply, but because of the lowered pressure of fuel is not able to make it. The reasons of such phenomenon and a way of check see in the subsection "Breakthrough at the time of a Start of Motion".
Besides the specified reasons, breakthroughs at dispersal of the car with the automatic transmission can be caused as insufficient amount of working liquid in a box, and malfunction of the box.

The car with the automatic transmission can accelerate breakthroughs at the beginning of the first trip after shutdown and the return connection of the rechargeable battery. It is not malfunction as after several dispersals the electronic block ottarirut management of a box and gear shifting will become smooth.