8.1. Features of a design

Install steering with the steering mechanism gear wheel lath (fig. 8.1) equipped with the hydraulic amplifier on the Ford Fusion cars and with the safety steering column regulated on a tilt angle. The steering drive consists of two steering drafts connected by spherical hinges to levers of rotary fists of a forward suspension bracket.

Fig. 8.1. The steering mechanism with the hydraulic booster: 1 – steering shaft; 2 – sealant; 3 – adjusting nut; 4, 6 – pipelines; 5 – case of the steering mechanism; 7, 9 – cover collars; 8 – protective cover; 10 – steering draft; 11 – lock-nut; 12 – tip of steering draft

Pressure of working liquid in the hydraulic booster is created by the pump of bladed type which is installed on the engine and given by a poliklinovy belt. At failure of the amplifier of steering the possibility of driving remains, but the effort on a steering wheel increases.
The case of the steering mechanism is established in podkapotny space and fixed by bolts on a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket.
The steering column safety, with the mechanism of adjustment of provision of a steering wheel, is equipped with the power absorbing devices increasing passive safety and the anti-theft device in the ignition lock blocking a shaft of a steering wheel from turn. On a steering column governing bodies of light of headlights, by indexes of turn, a washer and screenwash and the back door glasses united in the block of understeering switches are also placed.