16.2. The list of malfunctions and conditions under which operation of vehicles is forbidden

Extraction from the Appendix to "Basic provisions according to the admission of vehicles to operation and obligations of officials for traffic safety".
1. Brake systems.
1.1. At road tests the following rules of efficiency of braking are not respected by the working brake system:
1.2. Tests carry out on the horizontal section of the road with equal, dry, pure tsemento-or an asphalt concrete covering at a speed at the beginning of braking of 40 km/h – for cars. Vehicles are tested in the equipped state with the driver by single impact on governing body of the working brake system.
1.3. Efficiency of the working brake system of vehicles can be estimated also on other indicators according to GOST 25478-91.
1.4. Tightness of the hydraulic brake drive is broken.
1.5. The parking brake system does not provide a motionless condition of cars <...> in the equipped state – on a bias to 23% inclusive.
2. Steering.
2.1. The total side play in steering for cars exceeds 10 °.
2.2. There are movements of details and knots which are not provided by a design; threaded connections are not tightened or not recorded in the established way.
3. External light devices.
3.1. The quantity, type, color, an arrangement and an operating mode of external light devices do not conform to requirements of a vehicle design.
3.2. Adjustment of headlights does not conform to requirements of GOST 25478-91.
3.3. Do not work in the set mode or external light devices and reflectors are polluted.
3.4. On light devices there are no lenses or lenses and the lamps which are not corresponding to type of this light device are used.
3.5. In front of the vehicle light devices with fires of red light or reflectors of red color, and behind – white color, except lamps of a backing and illumination of a registration sign, retroreflective registration, distinctive and identification signs are installed.
4. Screen wipers and windscreen washers of a windshield.
4.1. Screen wipers do not work in the set mode.
4.2. The windscreen washers provided by a vehicle design do not work.
5. Wheels and tires.
5.1. Tires of cars have the residual height of the drawing of a protector less than 1,6 mm <...>

For trailers establish the norms of residual height of the drawing of a protector of tires similar to norms for tires of vehicles – tractors.

5.2. Tires have local damages (breakdowns, cuts, gaps) baring a cord, and also stratification of a framework, peeling of a protector and sidewall.
5.3. There is no nut (bolt) of fastening or there are cracks of a disk and ободьев wheels.
5.4. Tires by the size or a permissible load do not correspond to vehicle model.
5.5. On one axis <...> diagonal tires together with radial or tires with various type of the drawing of a protector are installed <...>
6. Engine.
6.1. Content of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases and their smoke is exceeded by the sizes established to GOST and GOST 21393-75.
6.2. Tightness of a power supply system is broken.
6.3. The system of production of the fulfilled gases is faulty.
7. Other elements of a design.
7.1. There are no rear-view mirrors provided by a design of the vehicle, glasses.
7.2. The sound signal does not work.
7.3. Additional objects are established or the coverings limiting visibility about the driver's seats worsening transparency of glasses, attracting danger of traumatizing participants of traffic are put.

On the top part of a windshield of cars it is possible to attach transparent colored films. It is allowed to apply tinted glasses of industrial production.

7.4. The locks of doors of a body provided by a design do not work, <...> traffic jams of the fuel tank, mechanism of adjustment of provision of a seat of the driver, speedometer, anti-theft devices, devices of heating and obduv of glasses.
7.5. No <...> antisplash aprons and mudguards.
7.6. Traction and coupling is faulty <...> the device of the tractor and the trailer, are faulty their safety cables (chains).
7.7. No <...> medical first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, sign of an emergency stop <...>
7.8. On the vehicles which are not belonging to field and special services flashing indicators, sound signals with alternation of tones and the tsvetografichesky schemes provided by GOST P 50574-93 are used.
7.9. There are no seat belts if their installation is provided by a vehicle design.
7.10. Seat belts are disabled or have visible anguishes on a strap.
7.11. The registration sign of the vehicle does not meet the requirements of the standard.

7.14. Are absent provided by a design or additional elements of brake systems, steering and other knots and units, requirements to which are regulated by the present List, are established without coordination with manufacturer of the vehicle or other organization authorized on that.