2.7. Towage of the car

Engines of the cars equipped with catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases cannot be launched towage or pushing. It can lead to an overheat and failure of converter. In case of a discharge of the rechargeable battery do not try to launch the engine towage or pushing of the car.

The towing eye has the left carving.

For towage of the car fix a cable for the towing eye attached to the car which should be screwed in the plug welded on the forward end of the right longeron.
1. Get a spare wheel (see. "Use of a jack") …
2. … also take a towing eye from the holder.
3. To establish a towing eye, hook the screw-driver …
4. … also take out from a bumper a cap on the right side of the car.

Insert the screw-driver into specially provided opening.

5. Screw a towing eye by hand, rotating counterclockwise.

At an inhaling of a towing eye use as a neck a key for an inhaling of nuts of wheels.

6. Remove an eye upside-down.
Before towage of your car install a key in the ignition lock in situation "0" and turn on the light alarm system according to Traffic regulations. Establish a control lever by the mechanical transmission (the lever of the selector of the automatic transmission) in neutral situation (situation "N").

It is possible to tow the car equipped with the automatic transmission with the idle engine with a speed no more than 50 km/h on distance no more than 30 km. Otherwise the transmission will fail as its pump of working liquid does not work and details of a box are not greased. For the same reason the given conditions should be met also at towage of the car with the automatic transmission by the tow truck with a support of driving wheels on the road.

If it is possible, tow the car with the working engine that the effort on a steering wheel and a pedal of a brake did not increase.

The vacuum amplifier of the brake system and the hydraulic booster of steering operate only at the working engine. Therefore consider that circumstance that at towage of the car with the idle engine the effort to pedals of a brake and a steering wheel sharply increases.

For use of the car as a tower fix a cable in the place which is specially intended for this purpose in a back part of the car.