3.1.1. General methods of launch of the engine

Methods of launch of the engine with system of injection of fuel are identical at any temperature of external air and liquid in the engine cooling system.
For start-up it is only enough to include a starter, without touching an accelerator pedal. The control system of the engine will independently set parameters of supply of fuel and an advancing of ignition, necessary for start-up.
1. Open a cowl.
2. Measure by the Masloizmeritelny probe oil level. It has to be between the top and lower tags.
3. Check levels brake …
4. … and cooling liquids.
5. Attentively examine the engine and podkapotny space. Pay attention on begin to flow gasoline, oil, the brake and cooling liquids. Be convinced of integrity of an electrical wiring. Check landing of high-voltage wires in ignition coil nests, on candles.
6. Without closing a cowl (in case of a rain or snowfall cover it), you take the wheel. Include ignition, having turned a key in the switch (lock) of ignition in situation "II". At the same time the electrogasoline pump will join. Launch the engine, having turned a key in the ignition switch in situation "III".

Useful tips
It is better to close a cowl after the engine begins to work. Before it it is desirable to examine once again the engine, to be convinced of lack of leaks of fuel, oil, cooling liquid, foreign sounds in its work.
If for any reason during unsuccessful attempt of start-up spark plugs "are filled in", use the mode of a purge of cylinders. For this purpose press an accelerator pedal against the stop and include a starter. In this mode supply of fuel is absent and from cylinders a stream of fresh air excess gasoline is removed, at the same time spark plugs dry. After a purge repeat start-up attempt regularly.

If the engine was not started, there are three main reasons:
– the system of start-up does not work;
– the system of ignition does not work;
– the power supply system does not work.

Besides the listed main reasons, the engine can not be launched at malfunction of the valve of a purge of an adsorber or at an air suction through connections of hoses of system of catching of vapors of fuel.