3.1.4. Check of a power supply system of the engine

The main indicator of serviceability of a power supply system of the engine is fuel pressure in a fuel stage. But for a start we recommend to check a condition of the air filter (see. "Check and replacement of the filtering element of the air filter"), as this procedure is simple and does not take a lot of time. After you are convinced of purity of the air filter, check reliability of electric contacts in blocks of plaits of wires of the knots of system of injection which are responsible for fuel supply (an electrogasoline pump, nozzles).
Check of pressure of fuel in a fuel stage of the engine is possible only in the presence of the manometer with a set of adapters for connection to the fuel pipeline.
1. Include ignition and listen: within several seconds you have to hear a sound of work of an electrogasoline pump. If it it is not heard, check an electric power-supply circuit of an electrogasoline pump.

Keep in mind that the electrogasoline pump does not join if in system of fuel feeding there is pressure. In other words, if you already included previously ignition and tried to launch the engine, then the serviceable electrogasoline pump had to create pressure in system therefore its non-inclusion in this case is not malfunction.

2. The procedure of check of pressure of fuel is described in section 5 "Engine" (see. "Check of pressure of fuel in a power supply system"). At the idling engine pressure in a fuel-supply line has to be about 3 kgfs/cm2.
The following reasons of pressure decrease are possible:
– the fuel pressure pulsation compensator is faulty;
– the fuel pressure regulator is faulty (it is built in the module of the fuel pump);
– the fuel filter is littered (it is built in the module of the fuel pump);
– the fuel pump is faulty (it is established in the fuel tank).
Ways of elimination of these malfunctions you will find "Engine" in section 5 (see. "Power supply system").