3.16.1. Replacement of a wheel

Be attentive when replacing of the punctured wheel. Perhaps, it was punctured by malefactors to steal valuable things from interior of the car when you are busy with its replacement.

1. Open a luggage carrier (is in it all necessary for replacement of a wheel) and remove a trunk floor rug (or raise its back part).
2. Turn off a clamp of a spare wheel …
3. … remove a clamp …
4. … also take a cover of a niche of a spare wheel from a luggage carrier.
5. Take out a spare wheel from a luggage carrier and put it near the replaced wheel.
6. Hook the pointed end of the handle of a key for nuts of fastening of a wheel (a balloon key) an overlay of a decorative cap …
7. … also remove a slip, overcoming effort of its fixing spring.
8. Include the I transfer and the parking brake and fix the car from the opposite side, having enclosed under forward and back wheels an antiretractable emphasis so that the lifted car could not be displaced forward or back.
9. A balloon key weaken four nuts of fastening of a wheel and establish a jack under the car near the replaced wheel (see. "Use of a jack").

Useful tips
Not to be soiled when replacing a wheel, put on gloves and overalls if they are in your car.
For simplification of an otvorachivaniye of nuts we recommend to get a special balloon key with the telescopic handle. It is convenient to work also with a balloon key of a crosswise form.

10. Lift a jack the car so that the wheel came off the road then completely turn off nuts, remove a wheel, and then his decorative cap.

Try that the car as little as possible time was in the hung-out state with the removed wheel.
Raise the car a jack only on height necessary for removal and installation of a wheel.
If you use soft soil, enclose a thick board under the jack basis. Do not apply bricks to this purpose: they easily break up and the car can break from a jack, having hard injured you.

11. Establish a spare wheel to the place of removed, establish a decorative cap and screw fixing nuts against the stop, but do not tighten them.

Screwing nuts, track that their conical parts were combined with conical surfaces of openings in a wheel disk, otherwise during the movement of a nut will weaken and loss of a wheel is possible.

12. Lower the car and finally tighten nuts. Tighten wheel nuts through one on a circle. In order to avoid damage of a disk of a wheel do not try "to hold on" nuts of fastening of a wheel, pressing a leg the key handle.

Good advice
To feel necessary effort of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a wheel (the moment of an inhaling of 130 N · l), at first apply a dynamometer key.

13. Establish an overlay of a decorative cap.
14. Before continuing the movement, surely check air pressure in the tire of the established wheel.

Useful tips
Tubeless tires are installed on the car. If you have not enough skills of installation of tires, advise not to try to perform this work independently. One damage of a sidewall — also should be bought the new tire or to insert the camera.
In a desperate situation it is possible to use the special first-aid kit for repair of tubeless tires without razbortovka or sealant for tires. It is necessary to apply them according to the enclosed instruction.
Than the tubeless tire is better chamber? First, tubeless at a puncture lowers very slowly: it is possible, pumping up, for weeks to go with a nail in a wheel, there will be yet no opportunity to repair it. Secondly, when at very considerable run from the tubeless tire metal cord delays will begin to act, it still can be used as a spare wheel. To insert the camera into such tire it is useless: she will make a mistake already at the first inflating.