6.3.5. Replacement of the bearing of an intermediate support

The bearing of an intermediate support can be removed from an intermediate shaft of the right drive without dismantling of the internal hinge. However at the same time it is necessary to be careful not to damage drive covers. Ask the assistant to hold the drive for an intermediate shaft.
It will be required to you: assembly shovel or thin chisel, hammer.
1. Remove the drive of the right forward wheel (see. "Removal and installation of drives of forward wheels").
2. Having rested an assembly shovel against an external ring of the bearing, press the bearing from an intermediate shaft.

The bearing of an intermediate support is usually removed for replacement at its damage. In this case additional damage of the bearing at a spressovka with application of effort to an external ring does not matter. If on again installed drive this bearing is absent, it is more expedient to install on it the new bearing but which is not pressed from the old drive and having the reduced resource.

In the absence of the new bearing its removal from the former drive by blows through a thin chisel to an internal ring is allowed.
3. Ask the assistant to hold a shaft and a napressuyta the bearing on a shaft with blows to an internal ring through a chisel or an assembly shovel.

Good advice
It is possible to Napressovat the bearing of an intermediate support also by means of a piece of a pipe of suitable diameter, not less than 400 mm long. However in this case it will be required to disassemble the internal hinge of the drive that it was possible to operet a shaft on a massive support.