9.5.1. Replacement of a tank of the main brake cylinder

You will need TORX T25 key.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove a stopper of a tank and pump out brake fluid from a tank, for example, the big medical syringe.
3. Disconnect from the holder on a tank a vacuum hose.
4. Press a clamp of a block of a plait of wires of the sensor of level of brake fluid …
5. … also disconnect a block from the sensor.
6. Squeeze hose tip clamps to the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling …
7. … also disconnect a hose from a tank of the main brake cylinder. Establish a stopper on a tank to exclude hit of dirt in it.

It is for descriptive reasons shown on the removed main brake cylinder.

Good advice
At once after a hose detachment from a tank muffle its opening, without lowering a hose down. In a hose there will be a quantity of working liquid, after installation of a tank and accession of a hose to it it will not be required to delete air from a coupling switching off hydraulic actuator.

8. Turn out the screw of fastening of a tank to the main brake cylinder.
9. Remove a tank, taking its branch pipes from connecting plugs.
10. If the leak of brake fluid via connecting plugs was in use observed, take plugs from cylinder case openings.

Reuse of connecting plugs is not allowed, replace them new.

11. Before installation of a tank insert connecting plugs into openings of the main brake cylinder. Then install a tank, having inserted its branch pipes into connecting plugs by effort of a hand against the stop, and fix by the screw (see item 8).

Good advice
For simplification of installation of connecting plugs in the cylinder and tank branch pipes in plugs moisten them with fresh brake fluid.

12. Fill in brake fluid and remove air from a hydraulic actuator (see. "Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system").