9.5.2. Replacement of the main brake cylinder

It will be required to you: TORX T25 keys, "on 13", "on 17" …
… a special key for the brake pipelines "on 10".
1. Remove a stopper of a tank and pump out from a tank brake fluid, for example, the big medical syringe (see. "Replacement of a tank of the main brake cylinder").
2. Disconnect a block from the sensor of level of brake fluid and a hose to the main cylinder of switching off of coupling from a tank of the main brake cylinder (see. "Replacement of a tank of the main brake cylinder").

Good advice
At once after a hose detachment from a tank muffle its opening, without lowering a hose down. In a hose there will be a quantity of working liquid therefore after installation of a tank and accession of a hose to it it will not be required to delete air from a coupling switching off hydraulic actuator.

3. To exclude hit in a dirt tank, establish on it a stopper.
4. Turn off nuts of fastening of two pipelines to the main brake cylinder …
5. … also take pipelines aside.

Good advice
Muffle pipelines in any available way (for example, having put on their ends protective caps of valves for production of air) to prevent an effluence of brake fluid.

6. Disconnect from the holder on a tank a vacuum hose (see. "Replacement of a tank of the main brake cylinder").
7. Turn off two nuts of fastening of the main brake cylinder to the vacuum amplifier (for descriptive reasons this operation is shown on the removed vacuum amplifier).
8. Remove the main brake cylinder assembled with a tank.
9. Having hooked the screw-driver, remove a rubber sealing ring from the case of the main brake cylinder.

Replace a sealing ring of the main brake cylinder at each dismantling of connection new.

10. Install the main brake cylinder as it should be, the return to removal, fill in brake fluid and remove air from system (see. "Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system").