11.15.1. Removal and installation of an external mirror

It will be required to you: a face head "on 10", TORX T25 key, the screw-driver with a flat edge.

Removal of the left external mirror with the electric drive is shown. The right mirror, and also both mirrors without electric drive are removed similarly. Difference is that at removal of mirrors without electric drive the detachment of blocks of plaits of wires in connection with their absence is not required.

1. Having hooked the screw-driver edge of the joystick of management of mirrors …
2. … take it from an angular decorative slip.
3. Having wrung out the screw-driver a clamp of a block of a plait of wires, disconnect it from the joystick and remove it.
4. Hook the screw-driver edge of an angular decorative slip …
5. … also remove it, overcoming the elastic resistance of two of her holders and two clamps.

Holders and clamps of an angular decorative slip are so located. The damaged holders replace.

6. Separate a block of a plait of wires of an external mirror.
7. Having wrung out the screw-driver a clamp of the holder of a reciprocal part of a block of a plait of wires …
8. … disconnect it from the holder.
9. Turn out top …
10. … and lower bolts of fastening of a mirror to the door panel.
11. Squeeze short moustaches of a clamp of a support of an external mirror …
12. … also remove a mirror together with sealing laying.

If the mirror was removed for replacement, remove sealing laying from its basis and rearrange on a new mirror. Replace the torn or strongly pressed out laying.

13. Establish an external mirror and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.