12:10. Spare wheel

The spare wheel can be established both on a lobby, and on a back axis. The car can be completed with a full-size spare wheel or small-sized ("spare wheel").
The small-sized spare wheel is intended only for short-term use therefore it should be replaced with usual as soon as possible.
After installation of a small-sized spare wheel pressure in its tire has to make 4,2 kgfs/cm2.
Speed of the movement with the established small-sized spare wheel should not exceed 80 km/h. Besides, it is necessary to consider that with this wheel work of anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) and system of course stability (ESP) changes. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the maximum acceleration of the car, intensive braking and sharp turns.
At installation of a small-sized spare wheel the road gleam under the corresponding axis decreases approximately by 30 mm.
It is forbidden to apply small-sized wheels of other types, than regulated specifically for this model of the car.
It is not allowed to establish two and more small-sized spare wheels.