12:14. Check of a radial and side beating of disks

Fix a disk without tire on an axis of the balancing device. Establish a measuring tip of the arrow indicator at first on radial, and then on side internal surfaces of a disk on which the board of the tire (fig. 12.2) leans.

Fig. 12.2. Surfaces of measurement of a beating of a disk: N – a radial beating; S – side beating

Slowly turn hands a disk of the balancing device, at the same time taking readings of the indicator. At the same time do not consider an indicator arrow deviation from local ledges or deepenings on a disk.
If the maximum beating exceeds admissible values, replace a disk.

Maximum beating of a steel disk: N = 0,8 mm, S = 1,0 mm.
Maximum beating of a light-alloy wheel: N = 1,5 mm, S = 1,5 mm.