5.16.2. Check of pressure in a power supply system

Check of pressure of fuel in a fuel stage of the engine is possible only in the presence of the manometer with a set of adapters for connection to the fuel pipeline.
1. Include ignition and listen: within several seconds you have to hear a sound of work of an electrogasoline pump. If it it is not heard, check an electric power-supply circuit of an electrogasoline pump.
2. Remove the air filter (see. "Removal and installation of the air filter").
3. Disconnect the fuel supply pipeline from a fuel stage, having squeezed a clamp of a locking element of its fastening.

Fuel is in a power supply system under the high pressure therefore it is forbidden to weaken connections of fuel-supply lines in operating time of the engine or right after its stop. For work in a power supply system on just stopped engine it is necessary to reduce previously pressure in a power supply system (see. "Pressure decrease in a power supply system"). In 2–3 h after an engine stop pressure in a power supply system will decrease independently practically to zero.

4. For check of pressure of fuel connect the manometer (with a measurement limit not less than 5 kgfs/cm2) between a fuel stage and the pipeline of supply of fuel. At the idling engine pressure in a fuel-supply line has to be not less than 300 kPa (3 kgfs/cm2).
The following reasons of pressure decrease are possible:
– faulty regulator of pressure of fuel;
– the littered fuel filter;
– faulty fuel pump.