5.17.1. Features of the device

The system of catching of vapors of fuel prevents leaving the system of food in the atmosphere of the vapors of fuel which are adversely influencing environment ecology.
In system the method of absorption of vapors is applied by a coal adsorber. It is established in a back part of the basis of a body and connected by pipelines to the fuel tank and the electromagnetic valve of a purge.
The electromagnetic valve of a purge of an adsorber which on signals of the control unit of the engine switches system operating modes is located in a motor compartment.
Fuel vapors from the fuel tank on the pipeline constantly are taken away and collect in the adsorber filled with absorbent carbon (adsorbent). During the operation of the engine there is a regeneration (restoration) of adsorbent an adsorber purge the fresh air coming to system under the influence of the depression transferred on the pipeline from an inlet pipe to an adsorber cavity when opening the valve. The electronic control unit the engine regulates intensity of a purge of an adsorber depending on power setting, giving on the valve a signal with a changeable frequency of an impulse.
Fuel vapors from an adsorber on the pipeline come to an inlet pipe of the engine and burn down in cylinders.
Malfunctions of system of catching of vapors of fuel involve instability of idling up to an engine stop, the increased toxicity of the fulfilled gases and deterioration in road performance of the car.