7.2.4. Replacement of a spring of a back suspension bracket

Replace a spring at mechanical damage or considerable draft. Draft signs:
– deterioration in smoothness of the course, frequent "breakdowns" of a suspension bracket;
– the visible distortion of a back part of the car or a considerable difference on height of forward and back parts which arose in use;
– strongly expressed traces of impact of rounds of a spring.

Replace springs in a set (left and right at the same time).

You will need the device for compression of springs.

Good advice
It is more convenient to perform work on the elevator.

1. Establish an antiretractable emphasis ("boots") under forward wheels and you will hang out a beam of a back suspension bracket.
2. Establish a jack and slightly to a poddomkratta a back beam to unload a bolt of the lower fastening of the shock-absorber.
3. Holding a bolt from a provorachivaniye, the second key turn off a nut …
4. … take out a bolt and take a shock-absorber eye from an arm of the lower fastening.

You do not take the shock-absorber aside on distance bigger, than it is necessary for work, in order to avoid a rod bend.
Do not disconnect at the same time both lower fastenings of shock-absorbers from a beam of a back suspension bracket.

5. Accurately lower a jack to unload a spring …
6. … also take out a spring.

As a rule, there is enough length of a brake hose that it did not stretch at removal of a spring, but if you see that the hose stretches, disconnect it for the period of replacement of a spring not to damage (see. "Replacement of brake hoses"), or use the special device for a coupler of springs.

7. Take the top laying of a spring …
8. … also remove the lower laying from the platform on a beam of a back suspension bracket.

Replace the damaged laying of a spring new.

9. Install a spring with laying on the car as it should be, the return to removal. Similarly replace the second spring.

Establish a spring so that the end of its extreme round rested against a ledge of the top laying of a spring.