7.2.5. Replacement of saylentblok of levers of a back suspension bracket

At a certain skill of a saylentbloka it is possible to replace directly on the car, having turned out bolts of fastening of arms of a beam to a body and having removed fastening arms from a beam, but it is more convenient to perform this work on the removed beam of a back suspension bracket (see. "Replacement of a beam of a back suspension bracket").
It is the most convenient to replace saylentblok with special adaptation (stripper), but it is possible to perform work and make-shifts.
It will be required to you: stripper of saylentblok or mandrel.
1. Mark an arrangement of a saylentblok in the lever to establish a new saylentblok in the same situation.
2. Establish a beam in a vice and a vypressuyta a saylentblok by a mandrel of suitable diameter or a stripper.

Good advice
If it is not possible to vypressovat a saylentblok, saw it a hacksaw. Landing of the sawn saylentblok in a lever eye significantly is weakened.

3. Take a saylentblok from a beam eye.
4. Clear an eye of a rust and press a new saylentblok by means of a mandrel, having oriented it the same as former was established.
5. Similarly replace the second saylentblok.
6. Install a beam of a back suspension bracket on the car. Finally tighten bolts of fastening of a beam to arms on the car standing on the earth.