9.9.1. Removal and installation of the brake drum

The brake drum is removed for its replacement at damage or wear of a working surface (the most admissible diameter of a drum of 230,2 mm), and also for control of a condition of brake mechanisms, by replacements of brake shoes and working cylinders.

Good advice
Perform work on the car with the hung-out back wheels (on the elevator or the car installed by means of a jack on support). The lever of the parking brake has to be lowered against the stop down (the car is stirred up).

It will be required to you: a key for nuts of wheels, the screw-driver with a flat edge, the hammer, a chisel.
1. Include the I transfer and establish persistent whetstones under forward wheels.
2. You will hang out a back wheel and establish a back part of the car from the removed drum on a support. Remove a back wheel (see. "Replacement of a wheel").
3. Weaken a nave nut inhaling.
4. By means of a chisel press …
5. … also take off a protective cap of the hug bearing.
6. Unbend plates of a lock washer of a nut of a nave.
7. Finally turn off a nave nut …
8. … also remove a lock washer.

At each otvorachivaniye of a nut of a nave of a back wheel it needs to be replaced together with a lock washer.

9. Remove the brake drum.

After long operation on the outer edge of a working surface of the reel as a result of wear the fillet complicating removal of a drum is formed. In this case weaken a tension of a cable of the drive of the parking brake (see. "Adjustment of the drive of the parking brake").
Do not press a brake pedal at the removed brake drum as at the same time of the working cylinder can go out completely pistons, and from a hydraulic system brake fluid will flow out.

10. Measure by a caliper diameter of a working surface. If diameter exceeds the most admissible value, the drum is subject to replacement.

Its most admissible diameter at wear (204,3 mm) is applied on the internal surface of the reel in casting.

11. Examine the working surface of the reel. It has to be equal and smooth, without ring risok and obviously visible ovality (ovality has to be no more than 0,5 mm, it can be determined by unevenly worn-out working surface of the reel). If ring risks very deep or uneven wear of a working surface is well visible, the drum should be replaced new.

Replace brake drums with couples (left and right at the same time).

Good advice
Examine a surface of overlays of brake shoes.
If slips are moistened with brake fluid, so consolidations of the working cylinder are untight, replace it (see. "Replacement of the working cylinder of brake mechanisms of back wheels").

12. Similarly remove and check the second brake drum.
13. At installation of the former reel remove a file the fillet on the working surface of the reel formed as a result of wear.
14. Bring the regulator of gaps to an initial state (see. "Replacement of brake shoes of the brake mechanism of a back wheel").
15. Install the reel as it should be, the return to removal.
16. Adjust a gap between brake shoes and a drum, having pressed several times a brake pedal.
17. Establish a wheel and a decorative cap (see. "Replacement of a wheel").
18. Check ease of rotation of a wheel. The easy zadevaniye of a drum about blocks is allowed.