1.1. General information about the car

The car of the small class Ford Fusion (a class B on the international classification) is released since June, 2002. Ford Fusion has good visibility, maneuverability, big internal space with multipurpose salon (the seat of the forward passenger develops and turns into a little table, and under a pillow of a seat there is a box for storage of small things).
The Ford Fusion cars release in three options of a complete set:
basic complete set of Core — forward safety cushions for the driver and the passenger, side safety cushions, anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) with electronic system of distribution of brake efforts (EBD), forward fog lights, an immobilizator (the passive anticreeping PATS system), the adjustment of a driver's seat on height regulated on a tilt angle the steering column, the hydraulic amplifier of steering painted in color of a body bumpers, black protective inserts and side moldings, back seats with folding backs and pillows, external rear-view mirrors with manual adjustment from salon, lighting of the luggage compartment, a tachometer, 15-inch steel wheels, radio preparation;
Trend complete set (addition to Core) – forward power windows, the central lock with remote control, the external rear-view mirrors with the electric drive and an electrical heating painted in color of a body, the audio system with the radio receiver and the CD player, finishing by skin of a steering wheel, function of smooth switching off of illumination of salon, a possibility of folding of a back of a front passenger seat, remote unlocking of the lock of a door of a back from salon, internal handles of door locks with opaque aluminum finishing;
Elegance complete set (addition to Trend) – the conditioner, remote control of the audio system from the control panel under a steering wheel, lamps of individual lighting for the driver and the forward passenger, the gear shifting lever handle trimmed with skin, a gear shifting lever cover frame from the polished aluminum, the chromeplated front grille fringing, external handles of doors in color of a body, opaque silvery finishing of a steering wheel, an armrest.
In this book the car in Trend complete set is described.
The Ford Fusion cars equip with the four-cylinder 16-valvate petrol engines (1.2, 1.4, 1.6 Duratec) or diesel engines (1.4, 1.6 Duratorq) located across a motor compartment.
For performance of environmental standards on toxicity of Euro-4 the system of production of the fulfilled gases is equipped with a katkollektor (the catalytic converter which is structurally executed in one block with a final collector). In addition for decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases the engine is equipped with system of their recirculation.
Type body the five-door versatile person bearing, all-metal, a welded design with hinged forward wings, a cowl and doors. Wind, back side and glass of a door of a back pasted. Seats of the driver and the forward passenger are regulated in the longitudinal direction and on a tilt angle of a back and are equipped with head restraints. In addition driver's seat is supplied with adjustment of height of a pillow. The back of a back seat can be cast away forward in parts in a proportion 3:2.
Transmission is executed according to the front-wheel scheme with the drives equipped with hinges of equal angular speeds. In a basic equipment cars equip with the mechanical Durashift five-speed transmission or the advanced mechanical five-step robotic Durashift EST transmission with the mode of consecutive manual switching which is not demanding pressing of a pedal of coupling in structure with the petrol engine with a working volume of 1,4 l or the four-stage automatic transmission for the 1,6 l engines.
Forward suspension bracket like McPherson, independent, spring, with the stabilizer of cross stability, with hydraulic damping racks. A back suspension bracket semi-dependent, spring, with hydraulic shock-absorbers.
Brake mechanisms of forward wheels disk, with a floating bracket, back — drum, with the device of automatic adjustment of gaps between brake shoes and drums. The brake system is equipped by the vacuum amplifier and anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) with electronic system of distribution of brake efforts (EBD).
Steering is safety, with the steering gear wheel lath mechanism and the hydraulic amplifier. In a nave of a steering wheel and in the right part of the dashboard over a ware box frontal safety cushions are established, in backs of front seats side safety cushions are established. In addition install safety blinds over side windows in upholstery panels. Informs an inscription in places of their installation (AIRBAG) on existence of safety cushions in the car.
Part of the released cars is equipped with power windows of forward doors.
Cars are equipped with inertial seat belts for the driver and all passengers. In addition seat belts of the driver and forward passenger equip with prednatyazhitel of belts.

Fig. 1.1. Overall dimensions (mm) of the car

Overall dimensions of the car are shown in fig. 1.1, technical characteristics are given in tab. 1.1 and 1.2. The car elements located in podkapotny space and the main units are shown in fig. 1.2,1.3,1.4.

Fig. 1.2. Podkapotny space of the car with the engine 1.6 Duratec (top view): 1 – tank of system of the hydraulic booster of steering; 2 – broad tank of the cooling system of the engine; 3 – top support of racks of a forward suspension bracket; 4 – top cover of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism; 5 – stopper of an oil-filling mouth; 6 – air filter; 7 – assembly block of the relay, safety locks and fusible inserts; 8 – tank of the main cylinders of a brake and coupling; 9 – windshield washer reservoir; 10 – rechargeable battery; 11 – electronic control unit engine; 12 – safety hook of the lock of a cowl; 13 – inlet pipe; 14 – throttle knot; 15 – the index of level of oil in an engine case (the masloizmeritelny probe); 16 – generator; 17 – right support of a suspension bracket of the power unit

Fig. 1.3. Podkapotny space of the car with the engine 1.6 Duratec and the main units of the car (the bottom view, protection of the engine it is removed): 1 – brake mechanism of a forward wheel; 2 – rack of a forward suspension bracket; 3 – conditioner compressor; 4 – engine; 5 – oil filter; 6 – starter; 7 – transmission; 8 – gear shifting mechanism; 9 – drive of the left forward wheel; 10 – lever of a forward suspension bracket; 11 – back support of the power unit; 12 – additional muffler; 13 – catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases; 14 – intermediate shaft; 15 – an opening stopper for oil discharge; 16 – drive of the right forward wheel

Fig. 1.4. Main units of the car (bottom view behind): 1 – shock-absorbers; 2 – hose of ventilation of the fuel tank; 3 – bulk pipe of the fuel tank; 4 – springs of a back suspension bracket; 5 – muffler thermoscreen; 6 – muffler; 7 – brake mechanisms of back wheels; 8 – fuel filter; 9 – fuel tank; 10 – beam of a back suspension bracket

Table 1.2 Technical characteristics of cars
* Full-size spare wheel.

Table 1.2 Technical characteristics of engines and operational indicators of cars depending on type of the used engine