1.3. Car keys

Put two keys to the car, each of which can unlock locks of doors and to include ignition.
So the set of keys of the car looks: 1 – working key; 2 – the training key; 3 – label.

Good advice
Keep a label: not to change locks in case of loss of keys, according to their number at manufacturer it is possible to order new keys.

The working key is equipped with the remote control locks of side doors and doors of a back, and also a key activator of an immobilizator and the security alarm system: 1 – blocking button; 2 – unblocking button; 3 – trunk lid lock unblocking button.
To block locks of all doors of the car and a door of a back, press the button 1. For unblocking of locks press the button 2. If it is necessary to unblock only the back door lock, press the button 3.

In more detail use of keys for management of an immobilizator and the alarm system is described in section 10 "Electric equipment" (see. "Management of electronic anticreeping system").

Programming of keys is described in the subsection "Immobilizator".

Good advice
If on a back seat there are children, seize the opportunity of blocking of locks of back doors (it is more convenient to turn the switch of blocking of locks the ignition key). In this case it is possible to open back doors only outside at the unblocked locks of doors.