1.2. Passport data

Identification number (VIN) of the car, engine model, the name of manufacturer, year of release and information on certification are specified in an identification sticker …
… located from below doors of the forward passenger are resistant.

Fig. 1.5. Identification sticker: 1 – manufacturer; 2 – number of approval like the vehicle of Russia; 3 – identification number of the car; 4 – full admissible mass of the car; 5 – the full admissible mass of the car with the trailer; 6 – a permissible load on a forward axis of the car; 7 – a permissible load on a back axis of the car

In fig. 1.5 all data on the car provided in an identification sticker are shown.
Identification number of the car is put with a branding on a support of a damping rack from the passenger.
… also it is duplicated in the left lower part of glass of a wind window.
Interpretation of identification number, for example WFOUXXGAJU7L00000:
WFO — the international code of manufacturer;
U — body type;
XX \constant;
G — the manufacturing country;
A — a code of the assembly plant;
J — a model range (Fusion);
U — body type;
7 – year of release (tab. 1.3);

Table 1.3 Code of Model Year of Release of the Car

Model year is the period, on average equal to calendar year during which release cars with identical constructive signs.

L — month of release (tab. 1.4);

Table 1.4 Code of Model Month of Release of the Car

00000 – serial number of a body.
The model and number of the engine are beaten out on inflow of the block of cylinders in its left forward part (near the transmission).