11.16.1. Features of a design

The dashboard (fig. 11.1) has the folding design consisting of the decorative panel and a framework.

Fig. 11.1. Dashboard: 1 – combination of devices; 2 – a box for documents; 3 – installation site of a safety cushion of the forward passenger; 4 – ware box; 5 – overlay of the central console of the dashboard; 6 – audio system block; 7 – overlay of the dashboard

The decorative panel represents the formed plastic detail attached by screws to a steel framework. By means of removable elements control devices, governing bodies of the car and system of heating (conditioning) and ventilation, the slips closing the knots located under the dashboard, nozzles of system of heating and conditioning and ware boxes are attached to the decorative panel.
The framework, in turn, consists of steel fittings and will fit a polymeric film. The framework attached by bolts, screws and nuts to forward racks and the basis of a body is included into law enforcement agency of a body. Air ducts of system of heating (conditioning) and ventilation are attached to a framework of the dashboard.

The safety cushion of the forward passenger can be installed in dashboards. Unqualified removal of the dashboard or repair of its separate knots can cause unexpected operation of a pillow that, in turn, can lead to injuries.