4.2.7. Check of external lighting fixtures

Check work of headlights, back lamps, an additional stoplight, indexes of turn and a lamp of illumination of registration plate. Replace faulty lamps (see. "Replacement of lamps").
On cars apply the following lamps:
1 – lamp of forward dimensional light, W5W lamp type;
2 – lamp of the forward index of turn, P21W lamp type;
3 – lamp of passing/driving beam, H4 lamp type;
4 – forward fog lights (if are established), H11 lamp type;
lamp of the side index of turn, W5W lamp type;
1 – backing light lamp, P21W lamp type;
2 – stoplight lamp / dimensional light, P21/5W lamp type;
3 – lamp of the back index of turn, PY21W lamp type;
4 – lamp of an additional stoplight, W16W lamp type;
5 – lamp of a back fog lamp, P21W lamp type;
lamps of lamps of illumination of registration plate, ZW5 lamp type.