4.4.1. Replacement and service of spark plugs

You will need a special key "on 16" for a reversing of spark plugs (with the rubber plug for keeping of a candle).
On engines of the Ford Fusion cars with a working volume of 1,25-1,6 l apply the NGK ITR6F13 spark plugs (Motorcraft AGFS22IPG). As substitute on engines with a working volume of 1,25-1,6 l it is possible to apply the BRISK RR15YC1 or DENCO PT16VR13 spark plugs. A gap between electrodes of candles of 0,7-0,8 mm.
1. Remove the case of the air filter (see. "Check and replacement of the filtering element of the air filter").
2. Remove a tip of a high-voltage wire from the replaced candle.
3. Blow candle wells compressed air to avoid hit of dirt in the engine cylinder at a candle reversing.
4. Turn out a candle …
5. … also take it from a candle well.

Examine a candle and estimate its condition on appearance (see. "Diagnostics of a condition of the engine on appearance of spark plugs").

6. The round probe check a gap between candle electrodes. It has to make 0,7–0,8 mm.
7. If the gap differs from the specified value, adjust it, turning in a side electrode.

Regulate a gap only a podgibaniye of a side electrode. Any bend of the central electrode will lead to breakage of the insulator of a candle.

8. At installation of spark plugs screw them at first a hand (a key without neck), and then tighten a key.