5.14.5. Removal and installation of the thermostat

Need for removal of the thermostat can arise for its replacement at unstable temperature condition of the engine — an overheat or insufficient warming up.
For check of the thermostat on the car launch the cold engine and touch the lower (taking-away) radiator hose — it has to be cold. After temperature of cooling liquid reaches 90–95 °C, the hose has to begin to heat up quickly that indicates the beginning of circulation of liquid on a big contour. If it does not occur, remove the thermostat and check its working capacity.
You will need a key "on 10".
1. Merge cooling liquid (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").
2. Remove an inlet pipe (see. "Power supply system").
3. Having squeezed passatizham the unbent collar ears, shift it on a hose and remove the taking-away hose from a thermostat case branch pipe.
4. Similarly remove the second hose.
5. Turn out four bolts of fastening …
6. … remove the thermostat case …
7. … also take the thermostat.
8. Remove a sealing ring from the thermostat and examine it. Replace strongly pressed out, hardened or torn ring.
9. Install a sealing ring on the new thermostat.
10. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.
11. Fill in cooling liquid and remove air from system (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").