6.2.2. Replacement of oil in the transmission

The design of the transmission does not provide replacement of oil during all service life of the car. However need of replacement of oil can arise, for example, upon transition to oil of other viscosity, at repair of the transmission, etc.

Good advice
It is recommended to merge oil within 15 min. after a trip until it cooled down and has good fluidity.

It will be required to you: a face key "on 19", a key hexagon "on 8", the syringe, wide capacity for oil discharge.

Fill in the oil recommended by manufacturer according to the Ford specification in the transmission. At its absence as substitute it is possible to use Castrol or Mobil gearbox oils of a class of quality API GL-4/5 SAE 80W-90.
If the car a long time is operated at a temperature of air below -30 °C, we recommend to replace the oil which is filled in at the plant with SAE 75W gearbox oil.

1. Remove protection of a case of the engine (at its existence).
2. Uncover a gear shifting mechanism casing (see. "Replacement of cables of control of the transmission").

In the presence of the device for collecting the following oil (for example, the figured funnel) a casing of the mechanism of gear shifting can be not removed.

3. Turn out a stopper of a masloslivny opening, previously having substituted capacity under an opening, and merge in it oil. Wait when oil merges completely (not less than 15 min.), and wrap a stopper.

On a stopper of a masloslivny opening the magnet is established (it is shown on a photo by an arrow). Examine it and clear of the stuck metal particles and pollution. Existence on a magnet of a large number of metal particles indirectly indicates any malfunction of the transmission. In this case check and if necessary repair a box.

4. Turn out a stopper of an oil-filling opening …
5. … also fill in oil in the transmission to the lower edge of an oil-filling opening (oil will begin to follow from an opening).
6. Remove with rags begin to flow oils and wrap a stopper of an oil-filling opening.
7. Establish all earlier removed details upside-down.