10.24.2. Management of electronic anticreeping system

Blocking of locks of doors and inclusion of the mode of protection from the remote control. To block all doors of the car, press the button 2 (fig. 10.4) on the control panel. Locks of doors will be blocked, the protection mode at the same time will join, indexes of turn will blink once, and the control lamp of an immobilizator located in a combination of devices will pass into the mode of a slow blinking.

Fig. 10.4. Remote control: 1 – unblocking button; 2 – blocking button; 3 – back door unblocking button

Unblocking of locks of doors and switching off of the mode of protection from the remote control. To unblock the lock of a door of the driver and to switch off the protection mode from the remote control, press the button 1 (see fig. 10.4) unblockings on the panel. Indexes of turn will blink two times, the mode of protection will be switched off and will be unblocked only the driver's door.
Back door lock unblocking remote control. For an unblocking of a door of a back press two times the button 3 (see fig. 10.4) the remote control within three seconds.
At the included protection mode the unblocking happens to simultaneous shutdown of this zone of protection on 45 pages. If for this period the door of a back is not open, then it automatically is again blocked and if the door of a back opened, then this zone of protection is automatically disconnected for a while before its closing.
For blocking of a trunk lid after closing press the control panel button 3.
Programming of function of an unblocking. For programming of function of an unblocking only of a driver's door or all doors at the same time, press at the same time the buttons 1 and 2 on the remote control and hold them within four seconds (ignition has to be switched off). Indexes of turn will blink two times for confirmation of team.