1.8.2. Window regulators

Glasses of forward and back doors lowering. In forward doors of the car electrowindow regulators are established. In back doors depending on a complete set electrowindow regulators can be also established.

Glasses of back doors because of design feature of doors fall not completely. The attempt to lower them below limit situation will give to breakage of the handle of a window regulator or damage of an electrowindow regulator (depending on a car complete set).

The central control unit of electrowindow regulators is located in an armrest of a door of the driver. The block unites switches of electrowindow regulators of all doors.
To lower glass, press a back part of a command key a window regulator …
… and to lift glass, press a forward part of a key.
For lowering or raising of glass of a door with the mechanical drive of a window regulator rotate the handle in the relevant party.