6.1.9. Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of switching off of coupling

If at the pedal pressed against the stop coupling is switched off not completely ("conducts") that is followed by a characteristic gnash of gear wheels at inclusion of transfer of a backing, perhaps, air got to a hydraulic actuator of coupling. Remove it with pumping of a hydraulic actuator.
Besides, pumping is carried out when filling a hydraulic actuator with liquid after its replacement or after the repair of knots of system connected with its depressurization.
It will be required to you: brake fluid, a hose for pumping, keys "on 11", "on 17", capacity for the merged liquid.
1. Check the level of working liquid in a tank of the main brake cylinder (a tank the general for both main cylinders) and if necessary bring it to norm.
2. Remove a protective cap from the valve for removal of air of the working cylinder of coupling.
3. Put on a hose the valve and lower its end in capacity with a small amount of brake fluid. Ask the assistant to press a pedal of coupling of 4-5 times with intervals 2–3 with, and behind that to hold it pressed. Turn out the valve on 3/4 turns, holding the second key the union of an adapter of the working cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling. The hose in capacity will come out liquid with vials of air.
4. Wrap the valve and ask the assistant to release a coupling pedal.
5. Repeat operations 3 and 4 several times prior to the beginning of an exit from a liquid hose without vials of air.

During pumping of a hydraulic actuator periodically check liquid level in a tank of the main cylinder of coupling. Do not allow falling of level of liquid in a tank below a tag of "MIN" on a tank wall. In due time add liquid, otherwise at drainage of a bottom of a tank will get to system air and pumping it is necessary to repeat anew.

6. Wrap the valve, put on a protective cap and if necessary add liquid in a tank of the main brake cylinder.