7.1.3. Removal and installation of a damping rack

It will be required to you: keys "on 10", "on 13", "on 15", a chisel, the hammer.
1. Slow down the car the parking brake and establish an antiretractable emphasis ("boots") under back wheels.

Good advice
The damping rack is removed, as a rule, for repair or replacement …
… therefore before removal of a rack on the car standing on the earth weaken an inhaling of a nut of fastening of the top support of a rack.

2. Remove a wheel.
3. Hook the screw-driver …
4. … take the fixing bracket …
5. … also bring a brake hose out of an arm on a damping rack.
6. Disconnect the top hinge of a rack of the stabilizer from an arm of a damping rack (see. "Replacement of the stabilizer of cross stability of a forward suspension bracket").
7. Turn out a bolt of klemmovy connection of a rotary fist of fastening of a damping rack.
8. By means of a chisel and the hammer unclench klemmovy connection.
9. Turn off three nuts …
10. … take a rack from klemmovy connection of a rotary fist and remove a damping rack.

Do not allow an excessive tension of a brake hose not to damage it.

11. Establish a damping rack as it should be, the return to removal.