7.1.9. Removal and installation of a rotary fist

It will be required to you: face heads "on 10", "on 27".
1. Take off a decorative cap and weaken a nave nut inhaling.
2. Slow down the car the parking brake and establish an antiretractable emphasis ("boots") under back wheels. Raise a jack a forward part of the car and establish it on support. Remove a wheel.
3. Finally turn off a nave nut.
4. Turn out a bolt …
5. … also take the sensor of frequency of rotation of wheels.
6. Turn off a nut, take out a coupling bolt of klemmovy connection of a rotary fist and a vypressuyta a finger of a spherical support (see. "Replacement of a spherical support of a damping rack").
7. Remove a brake support, without disconnecting from it a brake hose (see. "Replacement of a support assembled from a guide of blocks"), also tie up it, without allowing a tension or excesses of a hose.
8. Take a rack from klemmovy connection of a rotary fist (see. "Removal and installation of a damping rack").
9. Disconnect a tip of steering draft from a rotary fist (see. "Replacement of an external tip of steering draft").
10. Remove a rotary fist assembled with a nave of a forward wheel, having taken out a shaft of the external CV JOINT of the drive of a forward wheel from a nave.
11. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.
12. Check and if necessary adjust the angles of installation of wheels. Use services of the workshops having the special equipment.