7.1.4. Repair of a damping rack

Repair of the shock-absorber of a telescopic rack usually does not result in desirable result therefore if necessary we recommend to replace the shock-absorber.
It will be required to you: a key "on 18", a key hexagon "on 6", the screw-driver with a flat edge, the device for compression of a spring.
1. Slow down the car the parking brake and establish an antiretractable emphasis ("boots") under back wheels.
2. On the car standing on the earth weaken an inhaling of a nut of fastening of the top support of a rack, holding a six-sided key a rod of a damping rack from a provorachivaniye.
3. Remove a damping rack from the car (see. "Removal and installation of a damping rack").
4. Install the device for compression of a spring and squeeze a spring.
5. Finally turn off a rod nut.
6. Shift a protective cover of a rod …
7. … also remove the top support of a rack assembled with the compression buffer.

The top support of a rack, the persistent bearing and the buffer of compression represent non-demountable knot therefore in case of malfunction or damage of one of three elements it is necessary to replace knot assembled.

8. Remove a spring of a forward suspension bracket.

Replace springs only with couples (forward and back).

9. Remove aluminum laying and attentively examine it. Laying should not have obvious wear tracks or deformation. At visible signs of wear replace laying.
10. Disconnect a protective cover from the top support and take the compression buffer.

Replace the damaged protective cover new.

11. Install the shock-absorber vertically and several times against the stop lower and lift a shock-absorber rod. Make sure that the rod moves without failures, jammings and knocks. Otherwise replace the shock-absorber. Besides, replace the shock-absorber at detection of potek of liquid (the insignificant otpotevaniye in the top part of the case is allowed) and at damage of a carving to the top part of a rod.

Replace faulty shock-absorbers only with couples (forward and back) or a set (all four).

Establish a spring so that the end of its extreme round rested against a ledge of a basic cup of a spring.

12. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.

After repair of a damping rack check and if necessary adjust the angles of installation of wheels. Use services of the workshops having the special equipment.