11.9.2. Replacement of glass of a forward door

You will need a face key "on 10".
1. Remove an upholstery of a forward door (see. "Removal and installation of an upholstery of a forward door").
2. Unstick from the bases of a window regulator of a cap of two technological openings …
3. … temporarily connect buttons of management of window regulators and establish glass in the top situation corresponding to convenient access to fixing hairpins.
4. Holding glass, through technological openings turn out hairpins of fastening of glass to a window regulator.

Be attentive: do not drop a hairpin of fastening of glass in a door, differently to get them from a door cavity, it is necessary to remove a window regulator.

5. Extract glass from a door, taking out it up and turning in a doorway, as shown in a photo.

If plastic inserts of fastening of glass are damaged, replace them new.

6. Establish glass of a forward door and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.