10.21.2. Removal and installation of the autoradio tape recorder

Install autoradio tape recorders in which the protective code is provided on the Ford Fusion cars. As a rule, in the course of pre-sale preparation the dealer of the Ford company already enters a code.
At a detachment of the rechargeable battery or removal of the autoradio tape recorder the protective code should be entered anew.
Ten attempts of input of a protective code are allowed. The number of attempts is displayed on the liquid-crystal display of the autoradio tape recorder.
After ten incorrect attempts of input the autoradio tape recorder is blocked and on the liquid-crystal display the message of "LOCKEL" lights up it (is BLOCKED). In this case it is necessary to address the dealer of the Ford company.

For removal of the autoradio tape recorder you will need special strippers.

Good advice
In the absence of special strippers it is possible to use four thin plates suitable by the size.

1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Insert strippers into the openings specified photos …
3. … also take the autoradio tape recorder from the central console of the dashboard.
4. Disconnect a block of an antenna wire.
5. Squeeze a clamp …
6. … lift a block clip …
7. … disconnect a block of wires and remove the autoradio tape recorder.
8. Install the autoradio tape recorder as it should be, the return to removal.