10.25.2. Additional functions of an immobilizator

Management of a delay of switching off of a plafond of internal lighting. This function allows to provide illumination of salon after closing of doors of the car for some time that facilitates actions of the driver in night-time.
For work of this function the plafond has to be switched off by a key of its switch.
At the switched-off ignition and opening of any door the plafond lights up and all the time burns until the door is open. After closing of a door the plafond remains included 12 more with then smoothly dies away.
If again to open a door when the plafond did not go out finally yet, then it will begin to burn with full heat all the time until the door is open.

The warning of the key left in the ignition lock.
If ignition is switched off, but in the lock of ignition the key is left, then when opening a door of the driver the buzzer gives a signal (trill).