10.5.1. Features of a design

Install three-phase generators of alternating current with electromagnetic excitement on the Ford Fusion cars, with built in by the vypryamitelny block and the electronic regulator of tension. On a shaft of the generator are located a krylchatka of the fan and a driving pulley. The shaft is established on the bearings of the closed type which are not demanding additional lubricant during all service life. The shaft is given to rotation from a pulley of a bent shaft by a poliklinovy belt.

Fig. 10.2. Generator details: 1 – nut of fastening of a pulley; 2 – pulley; 3 – screw of fastening of a clamping plate of the forward bearing; 4 – coupling bolt of covers of the generator; 5 – a cover from the drive; 6 – forward bearing of a rotor; 7 – clamping plate of the bearing; 8 – remote ring; 9 – rotor; 10 – contact rings; 11 – back bearing of a rotor; 12 – nut of a contact bolt; 13 – plug of a contact bolt; 14 – a cover from contact rings; 15 – vypryamitelny block; 16 – sealing laying; 17 – brushes; 18 – the brush holder with tension regulator; 19 – slip; 20 – screws of fastening of the brush holder; 21 – stator

Covers of 5 (fig. 10.2), 14 and the stator 21 are pulled together with four bolts 4. The shaft of a rotor 9 rotates in ball bearings of the closed type 6 and 11.
The stator of the generator is supplied with the three-phase winding executed according to the scheme "triangle" (phase windings have three points of fastening).
The winding of excitement is located on a rotor 9. Conclusions of a winding of excitement are soldered to two copper contact rings 10 established on a shaft of a rotor 9. Food to a winding of excitement moves through two contact brushes 17 and contact rings 10.
Contact brushes are located in the brush holder 18 combined in one case with tension regulator.
Connections of the generator are shown on schemes of electric equipment.
Depending on engine model generators of various power, but similar on a design can be installed on the car.

Codes of the arising malfunctions of system of power supply remain in memory of an electronic control unit the engine. They can be considered by means of the scanner on service.

Good advice
Recently appeared many firms specializing in repair of import starters and generators. There it is possible to carry out diagnostics of faulty knot, to buy spare parts for any model of the generator (starter), to get the qualified advice. If you are not sure that you can repair the generator (starter) independently, there is a sense to address to such firm where repair of these knots will be expedited, qualitatively and, as a rule, for reasonable price. However on cars with a big run it is often more favorable to replace knot assembled new, than to replace the failed details.