4.3.11. Check of level and a dolivka of oil in the transmission

It will be required to you: a key hexagon "on 8", the syringe.

Replacement of oil is not required (only a dolivka) during all service life of the transmission.
In the transmission fill in the BO 400075 SAE 80W oil recommended by manufacturer according to the Ford specification. At its absence as substitute it is possible to use Castrol or Mobil gearbox oil of a class of quality API GL-4/5, SAE 80W-90.
If the car a long time is operated at a temperature of air below -30 °C, we recommend to replace the oil which is filled in at the plant with SAE 75W gearbox oil.

1. Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch.
2. Wring out clamps …
3. … also uncover a gear shifting mechanism casing.
4. Turn out a stopper of the oil-filling opening of the transmission located on a transmission case.
5. Bend a wire, as shown in a photo …
6. … also measure oil level. The edge of an oil-filling opening has to have it or is slightly lower.
7. If the level of oil is lowered, fill in oil with the syringe through an oil-filling opening until its emergence from an opening, then wrap a stopper of an oil-filling opening.