4.3.10. Replacement of the fuel filter

According to recommendations of manufacturer the fuel filter is replaced through 20 thousand km of a run. However taking into account operating experience of cars in the Russian conditions we recommend to replace it through each 10–15 thousand km of a run. Breakthroughs at the movement of the car at first on high, and then and at the lowered speeds with a high probability testify to a filter contamination.
The fuel filter is installed from below on a body before the fuel tank therefore it is more convenient to work at the elevator or a viewing ditch.
1. Reduce pressure in a fuel supply system (see. "Pressure decrease in a power supply system").
2. Squeeze clamps and disconnect a tip of the giving fuel-supply line from the filter.
3. Similarly disconnect a tip of the taking-away fuel-supply line from the filter and remove the fuel filter.

Before a detachment of tips of fuel-supply lines from the fuel filter substitute capacity for collecting the following gasoline from fuel-supply lines and the filter.

4. Install the new fuel filter as it should be, the return to removal so that the arrow on a cylindrical part of the case of the filter coincided with the direction of the movement of fuel. Connect tips of fuel hoses to the filter the movement along unions to a zashchelkivaniye of clamps.

After installation of the fuel filter surely check at the working engine of connection of the fuel filter with fuel-supply lines for existence of leak of gasoline. If necessary repeat operation of connection of fuel-supply lines before their reliable fixing. If leaks from connections are not eliminated, replace sealing rubber rings of tips of fuel-supply lines or fuel-supply lines assembled.