4.3.25. Body fittings lubricant

For increase in service life of a body grease the rubbing details at each maintenance (at least through 20 000 km of a run or once a year). At emergence of scratches, jammings clear the corresponding details at once, and then apply lubricant (the type of lubricant is specified in brackets).
The body needs to be greased in the following points.
1. Loops of doors (engine oil).
2. Mechanism of the limiter of opening of a door (engine oil).
3. Locks of doors (silicone lubricant).
4. Cylinders of switches of locks of a driver's door …
5. … covers of a bulk mouth of the fuel tank …
6. … and back doors (silicone lubricant in aerosol package).
7. Loops …
8. … and cowl lock (engine oil).
9. The hinge of an external mirror (silicone lubricant in aerosol package).
10. A lock latch (silicone lubricant in aerosol package) …
11. … and back door loops (engine oil).
12. Rubber a sealant of side doors and a door of a back (silicone lubricant in aerosol package).
13. Clamps of backs of a back seat (engine oil).