10.4.1. Features of a design

The manufacturer installs on cars the unattended rechargeable battery with a rated voltage of 12 V, with a capacity of 54 And · h. Elements of the battery are located in a polypropylene monoblock and closed by the general cover which is inseparably connected to a monoblock. In a cover of the battery the openings closed by traffic jams for a dolivka of the distilled water are executed. Air vents provide an exit outside of a small amount of the gas which is formed in the battery.
The indicator of density of electrolyte which indications consider battery temperature can be built in a cover of the battery. Three versions of indications of the indicator are possible:
– the green point — the battery is loaded;
– the dark indicator without green point — the battery is partially discharged, launch of the engine is complicated or impossible;
– the transparent or light yellow indicator — excessive decrease in level of electrolyte owing to a long recharge of the rechargeable battery or its natural wear.

Instead of the regular served battery it is possible to establish any the battery of other producers, similar on capacity and the assembly sizes. In this case use and serve the battery according to the instruction attached to it.