10.6.1. Features of a design

Install a starter of Bosch on the Ford Fusion cars.
The starter represents the electric motor of a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets, with a planetary reducer and the electromagnetic dvukhobmotochny traction relay.

Fig. 10.3. Starter details: 1 – a cover from the drive; 2 – drive lever; 3 – relay anchor; 4 – rubber sealant; 5 – returnable spring; 6 – case of the traction relay; 7 – cases of brushes assembled with springs; 8 – brush holder; 9 – a cover from a collector; 10 – bearing cover; 11 – lock washer; 12 – persistent washer; 13 – starter case; 14 – starter rotor; 15 – planetary reducer; 16 – coupling of a free wheeling

Covers of 1 (fig. 10.3), 9 and the case 13 of a starter are pulled together with two hairpins. The rotor of the 14th starter rotates in two ceramic-metal inserts established in a cover 9 and a support of a planetary reducer 15. Four permanent magnets are fixed in the case of the stator.
Rotation from a shaft of an anchor is transmitted to a drive shaft through a planetary reducer which consists of the central gear wheel, three satellites, drove also gear wheels with internal gearing. Satellites rotate on needle bearings.
At inclusion of a starter tension from the rechargeable battery via the switch (lock) of ignition moves on both windings of the traction relay of a starter (involving and holding). Under the influence of magnetic field of windings the anchor of 3 relays is involved and the lever 2 enters a gear wheel into gearing with an engine flywheel. After short circuit of contact bolts of a plate the involving winding is disconnected and the anchor of 3 relays is kept in the involved state only by the holding winding. At turn of a key in the switch (lock) of ignition in situation "II" the holding winding is cut off power also the anchor under the influence of a returnable spring 5 comes back to a starting position, removing the lever 2 a gear wheel of the coupling 16 of gearing with a flywheel.

Good advice
To avoid many malfunctions of a starter, follow a number of simple rules at its operation:
– at launch of the engine include a starter no more than on 10-15 with and repeatedly – through 20–30 pages. Continuous long work of a starter can lead to an overheat. If after three attempts the engine is not launched, it is necessary to check and eliminate malfunctions in a power supply system or engine ignitions;
– after launch of the engine immediately switch off a starter as long rotation of a gear wheel of the drive a flywheel can lead to damage of the coupling of a free wheeling of a starter;
– it is not allowed to move the car by means of a starter as it causes its considerable overload and damage.