10.7.5. Removal and installation of the switch (lock) of ignition

The switch (lock) of ignition is installed on a steering column and fixed by two bolts with the self-cutting-off heads therefore for its replacement bolts need to be removed with a chisel or to drill the electric drill. It is more convenient to replace the switch (lock) of ignition on the steering column removed from the car (see. "Removal and installation of a steering column").
It will be required to you: a drill, the electric drill or a chisel with the hammer, passatizh (the welding clip is better), the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Drill a bolt head from left …
2. … and the right side of fastening of the switch to steering columns also remove the switch (lock) of ignition assembled with contact group.

Good advice
For a reversing of bolts of fastening of the switch it is possible to use a chisel and the hammer. Striking blows with the hammer through a chisel to a tangent counterclockwise, turn out bolts.

3. Install the switch (lock) of ignition upside-down.