5.16.3. Pressure decrease in a power supply system

Fuel is in a power supply system under the high pressure therefore it is forbidden to weaken connections of fuel-supply lines in operating time of the engine or right after its stop. For work on repair of a power supply system on just stopped engine it is previously necessary to reduce pressure in a power supply system.

1. Switch off ignition, open a cowl and establish it on an emphasis.
2. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
3. Open a ware box.
4. Having squeezed fingers of a wall and having removed on both sides course limiters, lower a ware box.
5. Take a safety lock of F15 of the fuel pump from the assembly block.

On a back part of a ware box the scheme of an arrangement of safety locks and the relay is put.

6. Connect a wire to the minus plug of the rechargeable battery, launch the engine and let's it work before full fuel use from a fuel stage. After that the engine will decay.
7. Switch off ignition. Now it is possible to separate fuel-supply lines.