5.16.5. Replacement of the fuel tank

At detection of leak of fuel from a tank it is recommended to replace a tank. If the grid of the fuel pump often gets littered, remove and wash out a tank.

Good advice
It is more convenient to remove the empty fuel tank, working at the elevator, a platform or a viewing outline. Before removal of the fuel tank try to run out of the most part of fuel or to pump out it through a toplivonalivny mouth by means of a hose.

It will be required to you: a face key "on 13", TORX T30 key, the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Reduce pressure in a power supply system (see. "Pressure decrease in a power supply system").
2. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
3. Remove the thermoscreen (see. "Removal and installation of thermoscreens").
4. Weaken an inhaling of a collar of fastening of a connecting hose to a branch pipe of a toplivonalivny pipe …
5. … shift a collar on a hose …
6. … also disconnect a hose from a branch pipe of a toplivonalivny pipe.
7. Having hooked the screw-driver, unclench a collar of fastening of a connecting hose to a ventilation pipe branch pipe …
8. … shift a collar …
9. … also disconnect a hose from a branch pipe.

Collar of fastening of a hose of ventilation of one-time use, at assembly replace it new.

10. Establish under the fuel tank of a support …
11. … turn out two bolts of fastening of collars to the body basis behind …
12. … and one bolt ahead.
13. Lower the fuel tank.
14. In the aperture which appeared between the fuel tank and the basis of a body disconnect a block of a plait of wires, tips of fuel-supply lines of high pressure and the drain highway from the module of the fuel pump.
15. Disconnect a tip of the taking-away highway from the adsorber union …
16. … also remove the fuel tank.
17. Install the fuel tank as it should be, the return to removal.
18. Fill in fuel in a tank, launch the engine and check tightness of all connections of fuel-supply lines.

If it is necessary to remove a bulk pipe of the fuel tank, execute the following.
1. Remove the left back wheel (see. "Replacement of a wheel").
2. Remove the left mudguard (see. "Removal and installation of mudguards of wheels and flaps").
3. Disconnect a bulk pipe and a pipe of ventilation from connecting hoses of the fuel tank (see subitem 4-9 of this subsection).
4. Turn out one screw of the lower fastening of a bulk pipe …
5. … one screw of side fastening …
6. … also remove a bulk pipe of the fuel tank assembled with a ventilation pipe.
7. Establish details upside-down.